Salus Lab brings experts in cyber security to shed the light on the weaknesses of your enterprise and helps you to mitigate them before incidents occur
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Who are we?
Salus Lab Team will protect you more than you

Salus Lab is a security service provider founded in 2017 out of Dubai Covering the MENA region. Salus Lab provides expertise to enterprise customers around the MENA Region in three main areas: Information Security, Security Awareness, Professional Training.

Salus Lab CyberSecurity Team
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Our Services

Red team
Red Team

Our specialized penetration testing package that provides extensive support for several platforms and networks. The Red Team also deals extensively with social engineering attacks including phishing and baiting attacks.

Blue team
Blue Team

Helping you recover from an incident and securing your security holes.

Green team
Green Team

Empower the employees with security knowledge to improve their organizations.

Purple team
Purple Team

Full fledged Managed Security Operation Center and Advisary Services.

What makes us different?

Our Focus

Top Notch Security Researchers
Top Notch Security Researchers

Our Team consists of highly trained and certified engineers. We follow strict quality assurance to ensure the best quality of services is provided to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Our mechanism is to make sure that our customer is satisfied with our services and we provide them the top-level services with on site and remote support 24/7.

Expert Assessment
Expert Assessment

Salus Lab Team will make sure to deliver high quality based on manual research on customer's enviroment and not via automated scanners as we believe one size won't fit all.