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Monitor Your Assets in the Data Center as well as remote users in a secure fashion

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User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Monitor User abnormal activities and respond to them immediately.

Intrusion Detection (IDS)

Detect any suspicious intrusion and generate mitigation plan.

Dark Web Monitoring (DWM)

Monitor the leaks for your organization against Deep and Dark Web Leaks.

Demeter As Service

Demeter As Service

Our team can monitor your platform around the clock (24/7) to ensure the maximum security.

More Features About Demeter
Vulnerability Engine
Our Solution comes with multiple vulnerability engines and network discovery tools.
Our Solution can utilize playbooks and workflows for automation.
Incident Tickets
Our Solution comes with an incident ticketing platform for ease of investigation.
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Use Cases


Demeter can detect Malware attacks and we can pinpoint the beginning of the infection.

Different OS Management

Demeter can manage Windows Mac OSX and Linux from a Single Interface.

Traffic Analysis

Demeter can capture and analyse suspicious traffic and capture files for further analysis.


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