Red Team

Highlight the weaknesses of your security infrastructure.

Network Penetration Testing

Shed light on The Organization’s vulnerable network and create a mitigation plan.

Web Penetration Testing

Test the Organization’s website with all the possible attacks to ensure the organization’s public services are safe.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Check The organization’s WIFI for weak encryption, Open Access, and simulate rouge access points.

Mobile Apps Penetration Testing

Ensure that the organization’s mobile app is up to standard with no vulnerabilities.

VOIP Penetration Testing

Testing Internal VOIP System against vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering

Simulate Phishing Emails to test the employee’s knowledge and awareness level.

Cloud Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Shed light on the organization’s cloud infrastructure and services vulnerability.

Red Team Assessment

Exposing a larger attack surface which usually includes many assets haven't been covered during ordinary penetration testing.