Who We are?

Salus Lab team will protect you more than you dreamed. think. believe.

Salus Lab is a security service provider founded in 2017 out of Dubai Covering the MENA. Salus Lab provides expertise to enterprise customers around the MENA Region in three main areas: Information Security, Security Awareness, Professional Training. The Name Salus Lab came from Roman Goddess “Salus” the goddess of safety. With our expertise in the field, we will make sure that your company is safe and secure.

Our Approach to Security​
Risk Free Assessment

With our team of talented experties we can provide Risk Free Assessment on production and/or Testing system without causing disturbance in business activites

Empowered Employees

We belive that Employees play biggest role in securing enterprise. therefore, our team is capable of delivering awareness training for non technical employees and full technical training to IT and Security team to ensure the maximum security.

Continuous Monitoring

With Our Managed Security Services we can shed light on vulnerablities and help customer to mitigate it before attacker abuse it. Also, we can provide customer with Local Threat Intel for specific industry or region to help improving their environment.

Immediate Response

Our Team is available 24/7 to help customers investigating incidents and create action plan to resolve the case.